ARIANE Records Management

Paper and electronic records management

 An application dedicated to a large amount of records

ARIANE Records Management comprises all our expertise in treating a large amount of records.

Fully based on the concepts of Records management, our application enables to industrialize records treatment process. That provides companies with an efficient and cost-effective solution for managing paper and electronic documents.

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 A significant integration of trace-ability tools

ARIANE Records Management is developed to work together with portable data terminals. The objective is to enable the maximum of records management operations directly in the stores or in the records storage space.

We are selecting the best products on the market to provide you with reliable and ergonomic material. Our expertise enables us to ensure its installation and implementation process on your locations. Upon request, we can deliver the material you need thanks to our partnership with ATSCAN, a subsidiary of SOLUTYS Group – a leader in trace ability.

 A natural outlet for digitization

ARIANE Records Management is a perfect platform for capturing and storing scanned documents from your digitization channel (internal or external).

Thanks to our partnership with SPIGRAPH we ensure, on behalf of our clients, all the services related to purchase, installation, settings of scanners and its integration with ARIANE Records Management application.

Why choose ARIANE Records Management?

The functionalities dedicated to records life-cycle management provide you with transparent, secured and fast treatment of destruction process.

Ariane Records Management enables records managers to schedule a destruction, to review it and, if needed, to identify the records whose destruction must be delayed; all these processes take place before the chosen records units are physically destroyed. The entire process is managed directly in the software program, and the physical steps (picking up the records to destroy) can be done with the help of database terminals.

Ariane Records Management has been developed due to strong demand for easy and effective treatment of a large amount of records.

From the moment of creating a Records Unit (R.U.) until its destruction, Ariane Records Management provides secure transfers of a R.U. from one user to another (records creators, records managers, archivists).

The entire transfer process can be controlled in Ariane Records Management and it is also possible to involve portable data terminals (batch mode, Wi-Fi, 4G), so that the trace-ability is ensured directly on the spot (for example when receiving some new records items).

Ariane Records Management enables to integrate external records storage into the process of records life-cycle management.

Records units can be either placed in your premises or elsewhere thanks to the features enabling to track your externalized records. You can use data terminals to simplify the process of putting records in containers and updating records information in the program (provider’s name, containers number). There is also a possibility to integrate your inventory.

Moreover, an advanced option can be offered in coordination with your storage provider, so that you receive the consultation requests for your off-site records.

Ariane Records Management enables to integrate electronic documents into the system and/or to capture scanned documents.

Search process is simplified thanks to the optical character recognition features that enable full text search in the body of the document (in addition to descriptive metadata).

All the demands to access Records units are transferred instantly to the records managers and displayed on a dedicated screen. There is a possibility to activate an e-mail alert system if necessary.

This process of treating consultation demands can be controlled via Ariane Records Management software, but also via data terminals (batch mode, Wi-Fi, 4G).

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