ARIANE Healthcare

Patient records management

Application integrated into HIS

Ariane Healthcare is perfectly integrated into Hospital information system.

Thanks to its connectors and to the use of standards for transfer of clinical and administrative data HL7 (Health Level-7), Ariane Healthcare communicates with all the largest publishers on the market (Maincare, Cpage, Cerner, Siemens, and many others).

Patient records management

Ariane Healthcare is a reliable and powerful solution to optimize patient records management: creation of patient files in the system, their simplified search and tracking, monitoring of patients’ requests to consult their records.

Ariane Healthcare adapts to your records organization and to your classification method.

Administrative records management

Ariane Healthcare enables you to manage your administrative records (archives from Human Resources, Accounting Department etc.) in a flexible and secure way.

Thus, hospitals can benefit from AMIG expertise in the field of Records Management.


Why choose ARIANE Healthcare ?

Trace-ability tools

Trace-ability is the core feature of Ariane system, particularly thanks to the use of various data acquisition terminals.

The functionality “Speedy Board” enables to treat records batches quickly using bar-code scanners.

Ariane Healthcare also supports Wi-Fi portable data terminals that makes your records system more mobile and flexible.

AMIG can provide you with the necessary trace-ability equipment, fully adapted to your situation, at any time, thanks to our partner of reference.

Appointment scheduling

Ariane’s interoperability with the HIS (Hospital Information System) is reflected in the module Scheduling, capable to relate patient appointments with the relative patient files.

Via its connector HL7 IHE SIU, Ariane Healthcare can communicate with different resources of Appointment scheduling, such as DxCare Planning, PDR Maincare, Easily Planning and many others.

Managing requests for access to medical records

Ariane Healthcare enables all hospital establishments to follow up a request made by a patient or someone legally competent, while respecting the time constraints, supporting documents and other issues related to this procedure.


Ariane Healthcare enables to dematerialize patient records and displays the result of this digitization in the module E-record.

AMIG supports you throughout the whole digitization process, from the requirements definition  to the implementation of the system, including equipment supply (scanners and software).

N-tiers architecture

Operating system: Windows Server 2012 +

Database: Oracle 11G +

Virtualization and pooling support

Web IIS Server

User management via LDAP Active Directory.

SSO compatibility.

Communication with Ariane Healthcare via connector HL7 IHE ADT.
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