ARIANE Lightfoot

New Records Management platform for small office, SMEs and Key Accounts departments

Application based on the key elements of Records Management

Ariane Lightfoot is a simple and user-friendly tool for managing a limited amount of records (300 – 3000 Mi).

Users can create Records Units, ensure their transfer to one or several storage rooms, track access demands and respond to them, destruct Records Units at the end of life cycle.

The application is developed to offer its users a complete autonomy in terms of settings, printing labels, statistics and organizing storage space.


100% Microsoft Architecture

Ariane Lightfoot is developed in Microsoft environement:

  • Platform: Microsoft.NET
  • Database: SQL Server 2016
  • Server Web IIS
  • Standard OWIN
  • Integrated Windows Authentication/LDAP Active Director


Available by subscription or license

Ariane Lightfoot is available in two versions:

1) On site installation – so called “On premises” – with the purchase of user licenses. Technical environment (physical or virtual server, database, operating system) is the customer’s responsibility.

2) Installation on Cloud Microsoft Azure with software delivered on a subscription basis (SaaS – Software as a Service). Technical environment is provided by AMIG via Azure Platform with a subscription on Ariane Lightfoot.

Front User

9,94€ per user / month
    • Creation
    • Search
    • Communication

Records Manager

44,65€ per user / month
    • Creation
    • Search
    • Communication
    • Records keeping
    • Destruction
    • Administration
    • Dashboard
    • Statistics

Ariane Lightfoot – “On premises” software

Interested by “On premises” version of Ariane Lightfoot?

Our consultant is at your service to establish a price tailored to your needs:

  • Number of users
  • On site installation or remote installation
  • Settings by a client or by AMIG
  • Data transfer or no data transfer
  • On-site training
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