Key facts

Key facts

More than 20-year experience

AMIG has proven its expertise in paper and digital records management in areas as diverse as public sector, finance, healthcare, industry and services.

Innovative and fully operational solutions

thanks to our team consisting of software engineers and archivists

More than 60 business customers

Our software programs manage more than 1 600 linear km of documents on about 60 sites.

Strategic partnership

with computer technology experts (Windows, Oracle) and equipment suppliers in order to meet our customers’ needs

Our customers by business sector

Our clients pie chart, by business sector : Healthcare 33%, Finance 27%, Public sector 23%, Manufacturing and services 17%

Targeted markets

Hospitals and clinics – Banks – Public sector – Insurance and social security – Education – Defense – Homeland security – Telecommunications, media and entertainment – Transport – Retail – Energy

Top products

International presence



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