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To meet customers’ needs, AMIG has developed a range of comprehensive Records Management Services:


Consulting services in the following areas:

  • Developing a Records Management program (regardless records format– digital or paper based, structured or unstructured),
  • Organizational guidance and project management.

Managing assistance

  • A programming study for creation and restructuring records and archives services and integrated documentary platforms (Records, Mails, Document management system);
  • Preparing calls for tender, examining the replies received and giving recommendations to the client;
  • Construction site supervision until delivery.

Existing recovery

  • Information entry,
  • Digitization and indexing of documents,
  • Extending documentary base,
  • Document storage.


AMIG, in collaboration with the client, delivers a functional and financial analysis, manages a team on the company’s site and takes responsibility to develop the company’s records management system.


Training services on the following subjects:

  • Records management,
  • Archives management,
  • Information retrieval methods,
  • New technologies (Document management system, Workflow, Intranet, …)

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